Fingerprint - Xinai

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Fingerprint - Xinai
Category : Time Attendance & Security Equipment
Harga Normal : Rp. 950.000
- Rp. 950.000
- Rp. 850.000


Deskripsi Produk

Fingerprint access control machine series is to adopt the most advanced. fingerprint recognition algorithm, In the environment of climate change, peeling finger, or finger injury, in the case of full fingerprint recognition capabilities significantly improve and achieved full fingerprint Verification speed less than 1.0 seconds;The standard method of communication:USB,TCP/IP, S485, Wifi.U-disk download/upload function.the built-in ID, (optional) IC, RF card reader. Realization of radio frequency card, fingerprint. password or select any combination to open the door ways or can choose the way of fingerprint security strengthen + fingerprint to open the door. The appearance is ingenious and elegant, it's easy to operate with powerful functions

Product Schematic

  • OK : Make sure your current operation
  • MENU : In the initial state press this key can enter the management interface
  • ESC : To cancel your current operation 
  • Page UP : ^ Turn up a menu item
  • Page down : V Turning down a menu item
  • Red key : door-bell
  • Number : Input (touch-key) Numbers 0-9

Packing List

Access control packing list as followings: 

  • Access control : 1 Set
  • Software CD : 1 Pieces 
  • Hardware specifications : 1 Copy
  • Warranty certificate : 1 Copy 
  • Certification : 1 Copy 
  • Installation accessories package : 1 Bag

(containing: one of 7 type six sides wrench, 6 Screws, 4 wall plug)
After opening the package, please check the above items, if any difference, please contact the dealer or call our customer service hot line. 

Technical parameters


Model Fingerprint - Xinai
Color Black, silvery
LCD screen  2.8 inch TFT high-definition color display
Fingerprint Scanner  High hardness optical fingerprint collection device
Authentication Method  Fingerprints,RFid card.password and any combination 
Language English.Chinese (Simplified and traditional Chinese)
FRR _< 1%
FAR _< 0.0001% 
Identification Time _< 08S
Authentication Mode 1:N , 1:1
Identification Mode  Fingerprint, code, Id Card, IC Card
Fingerprint capacity 1000/3000 (Optional)
Record capacity 100000
Communication USB, TCP/IP, RS485 
U-disk download/upload function YES
Excel report    YES
Real-time transmission  YES 
Access control function With multi-level validation, lock combination and anti-pass back functions.
Weigand input WG26/34
Voice Prompt High-definition Pronunciation
Operation humidity 20-80% 
Operation temperature -10-60C
Power Adapter DC5V


User Registration 

1.New registered users 

If there is no registration of administrator access control machine, anyone can register users, if managers have registered, you have to go through administrator authentication to register a new user. 

Here are three type of access control register:finger registration.password registration.card registration apply to different personnel .There are introduced three method registration as followings. 

First of all must verify your identity operation---Press MENU, and enter the administrator information, then began to verify. 

PS: If you do not register the administrator, don' t need this validation. 

2.Finger pressing considerations 

Please registered for ( recommended the fingerprint forefinger and middle finger to register) the fingerprint After installed, then the fingerprint authentication operation. 

The right way of Validation of pressing : Press with your fingers fingerprint window ,Fingerprint pattern heart in the centering of gathering window.

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